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1996 Manchester bombing | 25 years on

On Saturday 15 June 1996, the IRA claimed it detonated a 1,500-kilogram (3,300 lb) lorry bomb on Corporation Street in the centre of Manchester, England.

It was the biggest bomb detonated in Great Britain since the Second World War and targeted the city’s infrastructure and economy, causing significant damage, estimated by insurers at £700 million (equivalent to £1.3 billion in 2019).  An estimated 75,000 people were evacuated, and although there were no fatalities, 200 people were injured, and many other people affected.

Today, as we remember, the Peace Foundation reminds anyone affected by this incident, or any other act of terrorism that free and confidential support is available.

Have you or someone you know been affected by an act of terrorism at home or abroad?

Do you struggle to find people who understand what you have been through?

The victims of terrorism support, managed by the Peace Foundation, provides free practical and emotional support to individuals and families affected by a terrorist incident.

Northern Ireland Troubles

The Peace Foundation employs a Health & Wellbeing Caseworker who can assist victims of this conflict, domiciled in Great Britain, to access services, information, and support to improve their health and wellbeing.

They have experience of working with victims and survivors and understand that needs can be complex and can change over time.

Our Health & Wellbeing Caseworker will discuss needs and help access services and support to meet those needs. These can range from befriending to welfare advice, education and training support, disability aids, and psychological therapies.

We can also help engage with community and voluntary services in an area, and with statutory services too.

This service also offers access to ‘advocacy’ support from a Northern Ireland partner and works closely with the Peace Foundation peer to peer service.

To find out more please email our caseworker Clare: clare.north@peace-foundation.org.uk

We are also funded by the Home Office, Victims of Terrorism Unit to provide support for victims and survivors of terrorism more generally. This is in a four-way partnership with Victim Support, Cruse Bereavement Service, and the NHS South London and Maudsley Foundation Trust.

Enquiries about this service can be made to: support@peace-foundation.org.uk

To find out more click here.

Today, 15th June 2021, twenty-five years on, Greater Manchester Police have made this statement about the ongoing investigation and have appealed for any information that could help them:

Detective Chief Superintendent Dominic Scally, Head of Counter Terrorism Policing North West, said:

“The 1996 Manchester Bomb, claimed by the IRA, caused massive devastation to the city of Manchester. It injured over 250 people with many more left traumatised and is estimated to have caused over £700 million worth of damage. The bomb contained in a lorry and parked on Corporation Street was so large, the City Centre architecture physically changed forever.

“We said at the 20th anniversary that previous reviews have taken place and that the case remained open. Indeed since the 20th anniversary, we have further reviewed the available evidence and looked at any new forensic lines of enquiry. This has provided some new albeit limited investigative opportunities and whilst it would not be appropriate for us to comment further at the moment, we remain absolutely committed to seeking prosecution if sufficient evidence becomes available.

“Despite the passage of time, I know the anniversary will bring back painful memories for all those affected by the devastating events of that day, and our thoughts remain with you at this time. We have recently been in touch with two of the groups supporting those injured and affected by the attack and if anybody would like to get in touch with these organisations their details can be found below.

“I want to be clear that if there is sufficient evidence found in this or any other review, this will be provided to the Crown Prosecution Service to determine if charges are appropriate. This is despite the passage of time

As always, I would urge anyone who may have any information which could assist us with our enquiries to get in touch with our team on 07591 505 138.”

Support Information:

The Peace Foundation on 01925 581 231

The South East Fermanagh Foundation on 0286 77 23 884 – https://seff.org.uk