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Evidence has been submitted by the Peace Foundation to a House of Lords committee.

The Peace Foundation responds to calls for evidence from various parliamentary select committees and groups.

Whilst the Foundation does not campaign, except for peace, giving evidence ensures that our programme, work and expertise receive parliamentary recognition. While we are already a highly respected and established charity, in policy terms there is now an expectation on charities to engage with government in this way.

Giving evidence helps us make new parliamentary links and ensures our political profile is raised.

If you’re interested in reading more about the role of parliamentary committees, click here.

Our latest response is to the House of Lords Citizenship and Civic Engagement Select Committee. This Committee was appointed to consider the issues of citizenship and civic engagement in an attempt to better understand the nature of the citizenship challenge for different parts of society; the aim being to identify new ways of building bridges within and between communities, and to support civic engagement.

I’m pleased to report that the submission we made has been published by the Committee. It’s available on the parliament website here.

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