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On the eve of the 25th anniversary of the IRA bomb in Warrington, local women joined forces to show support for a special charity fashion show, raising funds for the Tim Parry and Johnathan Ball Peace Foundation, writes student journalist Lisa Worth.

Together with students from Warrington and Vale Royal College, stylists from John Lewis, Liverpool, used their talent to demonstrate how – with a tweak – the same outfit can be worn by women from every faith, while still observing religious beliefs.

Hameera Darr and Jackie Baines, Muslim and Jewish respectively, came up with the event which was held at the Jubilee Neighbourhood Hub, Orford, Warrington

Ms Darr said: “It’s about social cohesion. The reality is that people do share much more in common than they have differences, and we want to celebrate that.”

Warrington Deputy Major Karen Mundry attended the event, where local girls and women of all faiths modelled the latest fashion.

Cllr Mundry said: “Twenty – five years on and we still need to strive for peace. But we must celebrate what’s good about our communities and tonight we can spread that positivity.”

Fashion Show, 19th March 2018The evening was enjoyed by women from all backgrounds, with visitors from Belfast lending their support.

Jackie Baines said: “There has always been a special relationship between the people of Belfast and Warrington, real mutual friendship.”

Tom Mckenna is the Chairman of Crewe United FC, Crumlin, and was delighted to be able to support the occasion.

He said: “Warrington, stick with us. Never forget what happened, because we won’t.”

There was laughter, fun and fashion in abundance throughout the evening, but the theme of remembrance and unity was never far away.

Lindsay Mapp had turned the evening into a “girl’s night out”.

She said: “It was important for us to support this. Out of the darkness came something positive, and these kinds of events make sure that we don’t descend into bitterness.”

The evening was rounded up with a dynamic and joyous dance routine by “Liv’s Trust”.

A fitting end to a celebration of humanity in the face of adversity.

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The Peace Foundation thanks, Lisa Worth, Student Journalist from Liverpool for submitting this article.