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Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Foundation is a charity that works nationally and internationally FOR PEACE and non-violent conflict resolution

The Warrington Bombing

On March 20th, 1993, the day before Mothering Sunday, the Irish Republican Army (IRA) exploded two bombs without warning in a shopping street in the town of Warrington.

The bombs were planted in bins on Bridge Street, which was the main shopping area. Three-year-old Johnathan Ball died at the scene of the bombing as a result of his shrapnel inflicted injuries and, five days later, 12-year-old Tim Parry lost his life as a result of fatal head injuries. 54 others were injured, some seriously.

The incident shocked the nation and gained worldwide publicity. Nobody was ever prosecuted for the deaths of Tim and Johnathan.

After the bombing, Colin and Wendy, the Parents of Tim Parry, wanted to understand why the IRA targeted the high street of a medium-sized town in the Northwest of England.

Colin and Wendy Parry made a ‘special’ Panorama documentary programme, which took them to Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and Boston in the USA. During their time in Northern Ireland, they visited organisations working for Peace, to see how they engaged with young people living in the midst of what was seen by many as a never-ending ‘war’.  Inspired by what they had seen, Colin and Wendy set up their own charity (the Foundation) in 1995 to work for peace. In 1996/7, they organised their first exchange programmes* (see below) for young people from Belfast, Dublin and Warrington, which were so successful, that Wendy proposed building a Peace Centre, both as a memorial to the boys, and to provide an East- West dimension to the peace process in Ireland.

Biography: ‘Tim – An Ordinary Boy’, written by Colin and Wendy, is the true story of Tim’s life and the impact of his death on people across GB and Ireland.

(Tim’s book is still sold today, and all donations help support our work)

A living memorial

On March 20th, 2000, the 7th anniversary of the bombing, the Peace Centre was opened. As a multi-purpose building with incredible facilities, including a games area, sports hall, residential quarters and dining room, to conference facilities and offices.

The Peace Programme

The Foundation’s very first programme was the ‘Tim Parry Scholarship’* (above). New projects were developed and in 2001, the Foundation undertook a study looking at the specific needs of GB based victims of the Northern Ireland conflict. From this report, work began to provide  support and assistance to those victims.

Terrorist attacks, such as ‘9/11’ and ‘7/7’, which came after the 1998 Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland, led to the Foundation developing new programmes, working not only with young people but also adults and communities across Britain, in building peace and conflict resolution skills.

Our work is made up of projects that evolve to keep pace with contemporary challenges.  We focus on young people, offering leadership development, and work with those who are at risk from violence and extremism.

We work with women’s groups to build their skills, recognising their unique abilities to influence their families and their communities.

We help British and British-based citizens who are victims or survivors of terrorism in this country or overseas.

Peace and Conflict Resolution… ‘Our Unique Contribution’

The Foundation’s reputation and work continues to grow and we undertake many projects internationally, working with other Non-Governmental Organisations.  We Chair the European Union’s Radicalisation Awareness Network, and we employ a highly skilled in-house team with a professional associate network.

In addition, our Peace Centre is privately hired by charities and businesses.

For Peace…

The Foundation is an independent, non-aligned charity that works ‘for peace’.  We are not faith or politically based, and we do not pursue causes such as justice or truth.  There is no other organisation that takes such a stance.

To reduce serious violent conflict (terrorism, political violence, war) we direct our efforts at prevention, resolution and response – the ‘before, during and after’. It is this coalescence of principles and skills that makes us unique.

We campaign only for…Peace…knowing that conflict is inevitable but violent conflict is not.

So, Join Us…in the name of Peace

Our Mission

The Foundation wages peace on all fronts. We create safe places for difficult conversations and non-formal learning projects designed to create networks of agents for change. Our aim is that communities can PREVENT, RESOLVE and RESPOND to their own conflicts, breaking the cycle of violence.

The Foundation’s programme encompasses a number of broad areas of work (projects and products). Using practice-based research and conflict transformation theory, the Foundation equips people with skills to use their experiences positively and to effect change for themselves and their communities.

The For Peace Programme

We deliver a unique programme made up of numerous projects that continue to develop to match contemporary challenges. Our work focuses on young people, from offering general leadership development to working with those who may be vulnerable or at risk of using violence or being influenced by extremism.

We develop skills with people including working with women to enhance their conflict resolution skills and recognise their unique ability to influence within families and the community,

We assist GB citizens and other people domiciled here that may have been a victim, survivor or affected by serious violent conflict

Peace and Conflict Resolution

The Foundation continues to grow by reputation and undertakes many projects internationally working with other Non-Governmental Organisations. We Chair the European Union’s Radicalisation Awareness Network. We employ a highly skilled in-house team with an extended professional associate network.

We provide consultancy including preparedness for humanitarian incidents, facilitation of dialogue and specialist input into the likes of educational resources and new media.

In addition, our Centre is home to many community organisations and privately hired by many other charities through to businesses for its use as a ‘safe and inspiring and adaptable space’.

Why we exist

The company’s objects are:

  1. To advance the education of young people resident in the United Kingdom and overseas.
  2. To provide or assist in the provision of, in the interests of social welfare, facilities for recreation or other leisure time occupation of young persons in the United Kingdom and overseas who have need of such facilities by reason of their youth, age, infirmity or disablement, poverty or social and economic circumstances with the object of improving their condition of life.
  3. To promote national and international conflict resolution and reconciliation for the public benefit, with a view to relieving suffering and distress and building and maintaining social cohesion and trust within and between communities by:

Providing participatory learning programmes for young people which explain the causes, management and peaceful resolution of conflict

Providing opportunities for former protagonists to meet and share their experiences and shared pain through which trust may grow

Providing victims of conflict with the opportunity to share their experiences with other victims from similar and opposing backgrounds in order to build understanding

Providing the parties to a conflict with the opportunity to discuss ways and means by which they can build relationships of trust

Recommending to the international community and the parties involved the measures which, in the board’s opinion, are likely to result in the resolution or prevention of the conflict or the reduction of any humanitarian crisis that may ensue from the conflict

Publishing reports and research for the public benefit on the causes and recommended solutions of particular conflicts

Provided that all activities are balanced and shall maintain or enhance the Foundation’s commitment to remaining impartial

Join us…For Peace

The Team

The Peace Foundation is a charity led by a board of trustees supported by a number of non-executive advisers.  The team employs a combination of full-time employees and subcontracted professional associates.  The Chief Executive chairs a leadership team including the Director of the Peace Programme, the Programme Manager, the Centre Manager and the Charity Office Manager.  Our charity team is separated into a development and delivery functions, alongside a team managing the Peace Centre and a charity office managing operations including HR, finance and communications.

Wendy Parry

Events & Fundraising Manager

Responsible for center hires, events and fundraising - our co-Founder and the inspiration who came up with the idea for a Peace Centre

Nick Taylor

Chief Executive

Responsible for the executive leadership of the Foundation and a director of its subsidiary trading company

Cloudy Tan

Head of Charity Operations

Governance, finance, HR and administration

Tracy Holland


If you call the main telephone line Tuesday - Thursday, it's probably Tracy you'll speak to.

Helen Martin

Finance Manager

Responsible for the financial management of the Foundation.

Sabina Frediani

Public Affairs Manager

Advising on and carrying out government relations work and strategic media communications planning.

Karen McManus

Centre Business Manager

Responsible for the smooth running of the Centre, Facilities management and Health and Safety.

Anne Bateson

Catering & Residential Manager

Responsible for the day to day running of the Peace Centre’s catering and residential business. From breakfast for residents to gala dinners for VIPs, and everything in between!

Sandra Pyrah

Assistant Chef

Supports the Catering & Residential Manger and cooks up wondrous delights!

Kelly Simcock

Director of Programme

Currently on maternity leave - the 'architect of our 'For Peace' programme and the co-Chair of the EU Radicalisation Awareness Network - Families, Youth and Communities Strand

Terry O'Hara

Survivors Assistance Network Manager

Leads the network and supports victims of terrorism to cope and recover, heads our continuing work for reconciliation and in relations with Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Donna Craine

Survivors Assistance Network

Supports victims of terrorism helping them to cope and recover.

Will Roberts

Survivors Assistance Network

Supports victims of terrorism to help them cope and recover.

Christine Cox

Project Manager, Bridging Communities Programmes

Manages the Communities for Peace Project that is supported by the Big Lottery Fund, and is focused on conflict transformation and community dialogue.

Laura Greenwood

Project Support Officer

Works in project support across our northern England client portfolio and, in dedicated work with the Big Lottery Fund supported Communities for Peace project.

Ann Snagg

Programme Manager

Manages the coordination, booking and delivery of the Foundation's programmes within education and communities.

Pamela Heyburn

Project Support Officer

Works within Delivery and provides support to the Project Manager, Engagement Manager and Project Leads in the co-ordination, planning and delivery of the Projects.

Ciara Kinsella

Project Lead Facilitator - Young People

Leads on the Young people’s Projects which include My Former Life, THINK, Small Steps for Peace, Extreme Dialogue. Empowers young people with critical thinking and conflict resolution skills.

Hannah Larn

Project Lead Facilitator - Women

Leads on the Women for Peace project, working with groups of women in communities to empower them in conflict resolution skills and peace-building activities.

Mark Robinson

Project Lead Facilitator - Adults

Lead Facilitator: training with adults, Holding Difficult Conversations & Community Dialogue. Active exercises & quality questions to explore conflict, promote dialogue & critical thinking.

Neil Renwick

Development Officer, CMO

Prepares bid and tenders. Establishes methods for measuring, assessing and demonstrating the outcomes of our work.

Harriet Vickers

Programme Development Professional

Works within development and leads on product enhancements and digital media developments and is our representation at the EU Radicalization Awareness Network

Kate Deakin

Relationship Manager

Publicises the ground breaking work and successes of the Foundation to raise awareness and subsequently gain support .


The Foundation receives funding from individuals, organisations and private trusts to continue its vital work. We would like to thank all those who take the time to learn about what we do and support our efforts.