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Aldwyn Primary School is located in Audenshaw, Manchester. The school is working with a group of children aged up to 11 who are known as the Digital Leaders.

The Digital Leaders champion e-safety and countering cyber-bullying and are tasked with informing other children about the dangers they may face when online. They are also supporting the #westandtogether campaign.  During their break time, the Digital Leaders are promoting a safer place to live for everyone.

Digital Leaders are using a Team Drive to produce and save work and will be designing some posters over the next few weeks to support the campaign.  The team are using Google to support the campaign and has made all the difference to the way the students work, giving them some much needed future skills that would be impossible to obtain by simply sharing on a traditional file server. The school are currently running a massive e-safety and cyberbullying project and that is all cloud-based.

The Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Foundation has been in contact and is hoping to introduce its Small Steps for Peace project in the near future and to support the #WeStandTogether campaign in the school.

John Goodier who leads IT support said: “We are a very forward-thinking school and children from the age of seven have full access to Google Cloud.

“This allows them to work in a very advanced way and learn some very important digital skills.

“So, it makes it doubly important that children respect each other and each others’ views.”

Nick Taylor, Chief Executive of the Foundation welcomed the school’s initiative: “the online world plays a significant role for those who want to promote extremism and we, at the Foundation, are convinced that children and young people, equipped with the right digital skills can use them to build peace and resolve conflict.

“I am delighted that the students and team at Aldwyn Primary School are supporting #WeStandtogether.”

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