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This blog is authored by Jon Nicholas – Jon is the Peace Foundation practice adviser and our most senior associate.  His experience from working in conflict zones across the world and in helping devise the incredible approaches we have to working with children, young people, and adults is what helps make the Peace Foundation learning very special.  These are Jon’s words:

Today would have been the 40th Birthday of Tim Parry, who along with Johnathan Ball lost his life due to an IRA bomb in Warrington in 1993.  Important dates are bound to prompt reflection about what could have been had hate and fate not taken a precious son away.  What hopes and dreams would have been achieved? What challenges and potentials met, and what laughs and loves shared? These sadly can only ever be guessed.

What is not open to speculation though is the activity power and legacy of the Foundation and centre that bears Tim’s name. For over twenty years the work has helped people of all ages, professions and groups strengthen their personal and community peace building capacities. It has also been there to help people recover from the violence of extremism which robbed the world of Tim.

Many young people return to school this week opening new chapters up in their lives in what are genuinely challenging times. The Tim Parry and Johnathan Ball Peace Foundation continues to equip those it meets with the confidence and skills to break cycles of prejudice and pain. It does so with determination and a serious sense of and fun and compassion. Difficult conversations are held, recovery is made, and new friendships are formed.

The vital work of the Foundation must be allowed to continue and develop. Please find out how to help and support here  https://www.peace-foundation.org.uk/

Happy Birthday Tim, rest assured, you are not and never will be forgotten, your name means so much to thousands of people you never met. It means challenge, it means hope it means change, it means in big and small ways that cooperation and aspiration make better futures. It means peace.

Jon Nicholas 1st September 2020