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On Friday 29th March, Oldham Civic Centre is being visited by peace builders renewing a call for Warrington to sign the ‘Pledge to Peace’. Warrington is a town already renowned for peace building, as it is home to the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Foundation, established in the aftermath of the Warrington Bombing of 1993 which killed 3 year old Johnathan Ball and 12 year old Tim Parry.

The visit follows a meeting in early 2017, when Geoff Settle, former Mayor of Warrington, and Nick Taylor, CEO of the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Foundation, met with a delegation from the Oldham Pledge to Peace Forum to sign Oldham’s Pledge to Peace.  The meeting included then Mayor and Mayoress Councillors Ur-Rehman and Toor and Council Peace Champion and Deputy Mayor Councillor Heffernan from Oldham, and took place at the iconic Peace Centre in Warrington.

Two years have passed, and Geoff Settle is again leading the call to make Warrington the UK’s second Pledge to Peace borough, a move supported by the Tim Parry and Johnathan Ball Peace Foundation, which carries out work to build peace through schools and communities across the UK. The Peace Foundation has long worked with Oldham communities as part of its counter extremism programme in the prevention of violent conflict.

Geoff Settle will be meeting the Pledge to Peace Forum from Oldham on Friday, to learn what signing the pledge has meant for the town and to understand what it could mean for Warrington. 

Nick Taylor said:

“The Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Foundation has been working to promote peace in Oldham and is a proud signatory of the town’s pledge for peace.  We were proud to facilitate the Mayors of Oldham and Warrington in meeting, and from that seeing Geoff Settle’s ambition for Warrington to make the same pledge.  We fully support him in that ambition and hope his fact finding visit to Oldham is a great success.”

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