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The Peace Foundation sets out its Covid-19 health and safety precautions and joins a network of education providers  in publishing a charter setting out how it will work in schools and colleges.

Young people have experienced an unprecedented disruption to their education, and social, and emotional development.

While schools worked hard to provide their students with an education online, young people have missed out on the softer skill development that time in school usually offers, as well as the social element of learning and enrichment activities.

Schools and colleges are opening following government guidance, and are considering the provision of pastoral and extra-curricular activities to all pupils designed to:

  • support the rebuilding of friendships and social engagement
  • address and equip pupils to respond to issues linked to coronavirus (COVID-19)
  • support pupils with approaches to improving their physical and mental wellbeing

The Peace Foundation provides essential programmes in schools and we have worked during the summer months to develop our programmes into a ‘blended curriculum’ of online courses, and adapt our classroom delivery to be fully bio-secure so that we are operating in a safe manner and providing reassurance to regulators, school authorities, teachers, parents and, of course, pupils that they are safe and secure with us.


We are also joining with a network of organisations that work in schools – supporting educators to provide the rich educational experience that enables young people to thrive and have vibrant opportunities to fulfill their potential.

We will work with schools, within the latest government guidance, to ensure that young people do not miss out on the opportunities we provide. We publish this charter and will adapt it as new guidelines are released.

The charter helps us provide schools with the assurances they need that we will undertake all necessary measures to keep our team, school professionals and young people safe. This charter outlines the precautions we will take and the procedures we will follow while travelling to and working in our partner schools to ensure that our work is carried out safely.  It is backed by a bio secure policy (available upon request) and a leaflet – Download Peace Foundation Covid 19 working safely leaflet

THE CHARTER | Keeping safe – Covid-19 precautions

Those of us who are signed up to this charter confirm that our team:

Before working in a school:

  • Will liaise with schools in advance of any visit to schools to understand their own measures and policies
  • Will adapt our work to meet school policies, e.g. working in smaller groups or amending our workspace and materials
  • Will not present for work if they are feeling unwell and will let their organisations know immediately if this is the case
  • In this event, will seek a Covid-19 test as soon as possible

While travelling to and from schools:

  • Walk, cycle or drive wherever possible
  • When it is necessary to use public transport, will wear face masks
  • Will use hand sanitizer, before and after each trip on public transport

When at schools:

  • Use hand sanitiser on arrival
  • Seek a briefing from the contact school member to ensure we fully understand the school’s Covid-19 prevention policy and mitigation measures
  • Always keep at least 2 metres distance from school employees and students
  • Minimise or stop the use of re-usable resources (where appropriate environmentally and in term sof bio security)
  • Wash and sanitise hands regularly during time in school
  • Will bring their own lunch and/or refreshments

If any of our team notifies us that they have tested positive or are presenting symptoms, we will contact all schools that they have visited while working for us as soon as possible

We look forward to working with schools this academic year to support them to help our young people.

For more information about our work in schools and the precautions we are taking contact our Programme Director Ann Snagg | ann.snagg@peace-foundation.org.uk or our Head of Education Ciara Kinsella | ciara.kinsella@peace-foundation.org.uk 

The Peace Centre is open for bookings from business, education, and team sport organisations.  The Centre has been adapted to provide safe bio secure facilities and you can read more here – Download Peace Foundation Covid 19 Peace Centre fact sheet

For more information contact Wendy Parry | wendy.parry@peace-foundation.org.uk