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Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab, visited the Peace Centre on Tuesday 19th November at the invitation of Warrington South Conservative Candidate, Andy Carter.

Dominic Raab, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, met with co-founders Colin and Wendy Parry.  The Peace Foundation is a leading NGO working to counter terrorism and prevent violent extremism.  The Foundation has been working to support British Embassies in Athens, Rome and Madrid in furthering relations with European Governments and sharing best practice.  We have also advised consular officials in New Zealand and Sri Lanka following recent attacks and supported coalition work to counter the propaganda of Daesh. 

Mr Raab was briefed on the work and met the prospective Conservative Party candidates in Warrington North and South.

Picture – Colin Parry OBE briefs Mr Raab on the history of the Peace Foundation
Picture Dominic Raab pictured with left to right Colin Parry OBE, Wendy Parry OBE, Andy Carter Warrington South Conservative, Wendy Maisey Warrington North Conservative and Conservative Warrington Councillor Kath Buckley

Picture credits – Peace Foundation

Peace Foundation and the election 2019