19/11/2019 - Published by

The election 2019 is underway and we are in a period of purdah.  The Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Foundation is an independent charity, Non-Governmental Organisation and Civil Society Organisation.

The Peace Foundation operates within a highly sensitive sector in the prevention, resolution and response to violent conflict including counter terrorism safeguarding, preventing violent extremism, cohesion and integration and terrorism victim support. This work is of high political sensitivity and the Peace Foundation adopts the following positions during the election.

The Peace Foundation:

  • does not take sides.
  • does not pursue causes other than to campaign for peace.
  • is free to participate in public debates and to use our voice to try to influence decisions which will support the work of the charity.
  • does not have a political purpose and never supports or opposes a political party or endorses a political candidate.
  • will encourage cross-party representation in order to stay politically neutral.
  • allows non-charitable organisations to use our premises on proper commercial terms, but during an election does not allow election candidates to use the premises for election meetings.

The Peace Foundation offers an open invite to any registered candidate in the UK election to visit the Peace Centre by prior arrangement to view our work and talk about the challenges we face.  We particularly invite any candidate standing within the Warrington South and Warrington North constituencies to visit and to invite other colleagues to join them as agreed with the Peace Foundation.  Such visits to be prearranged and must not interfere with our work, charitable purpose or the safeguarding of our beneficiaries.  The media is welcome to cover such events by prior agreement and subject to any restrictions the charity imposes.

For further information contact info@peace-foundation.org.uk