16/09/2020 - Published by

Three children from Warrington have been fund raising for the Peace Foundation and have raised over £100.

Eli and Jacob Naidu and Niamh Waller raised £100.43 for the Foundation after organising a cake sale on the street where they live.

All three children go to Barrowhall Primary School, the same school as Founders, Colin and Wendy Parry’ss grandchildren, and knew the story of Tim, Johnathan and the Peace Centre. They have been involved in fundraising events at school on behalf of the Peace Foundation but wanted to stage their own event to help support our work.

Colin said “We are delighted that Eli, Jacob & Niamh wanted to help the Peace Foundation and amazed at the amount of money they raised in just a few hours.

“Thank you to their parents for supporting the children’s efforts and allowing them to make the cakes.”

Pictured Eli, Naidu and Niamh

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