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The Government has announced that Sara Khan is to lead a Commission for Countering Extremism

The Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Foundation welcomes the establishment of the Commission and congratulates Sara Khan on her appointment as the new lead Commissioner for Countering Extremism.  Sara is an experienced human rights campaigner and the charity she established, INSPIRE (Read more about the work of Inspire here), has a proven record in challenging violent extremism and in campaigning for equality.

Our Founder Colin Parry and Chief Executive Nick Taylor have met Sara and extended an invite for her to visit the Peace Centre in Warrington to learn about our work in preventing violent extremism through education and our projects in communities promoting conflict resolution and peacebuilding skills.

The Foundation also calls upon all those with an interest to counter violent extremism to support Sara Khan in her new role.  Nick Taylor, Chief Executive said: “The Peace Foundation does not pursue causes and works with all parties involved in a conflict.  Our experience is clear that if you are to resolve conflict and build peace then you do that through engagement and dialogue.

“Sara is totally committed to confronting extremism and every one of us who are equally committed to the prevention of extreme violence needs to help shape the solutions to confront the huge societal issues we face.

“I will be extending an invitation to Sara to visit the Peace Centre and we will stand firm with all those seeking to counter violent extremism and encourage all parties to engage with the Commission.”

The Government has given the Commission a remit to support them, the public sector, civil and wider society to identify and challenge all forms of extremism.

Sara Khan said: “I am honoured and humbled to have been announced as the Lead Commissioner.

“I recognise the scale of the challenge we face in confronting extremism and I am deeply committed to this role. I will create a Commission that is forthright in challenging extremism in the name of our shared values, fundamental freedoms and human rights.

“To those in our country who recognise the harm and threat extremism continues to pose in our society, I am eager to collaborate and engage; I extend my hand out to you to work with me in supporting the Commission’s work in building a Britain that defends our diverse country while demonstrating zero tolerance to those who promote hate and who seek to divide us.”

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