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Kerslake Review – Peace Foundation welcomes review that puts victims and survivors first

The Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Foundation, that is supporting over 700 victims of the Manchester attack to cope and recover, welcomes the call to put the needs of survivors first, but raises questions about the recommendation to adopt a charter related to the Hillsborough Disaster.

The Peace Foundation’s Survivors Assistance Network (SAN) is a national clinically informed service that supports victims of terrorism in Great Britain. Anyone affected by terrorism is eligible for free support that provides health and wellbeing, welfare and social services specific to their needs. The service supports people affected by any attack including those related to the Northern Ireland conflict, 9/11, London 7/7 and more recent attacks in Tunisia, Paris, Barcelona, Nice and those in London and Manchester. Over 700 people including nearly 350 families are being supported.

The Peace Foundation has given evidence to Lord Kerslake’s review (Kerslake Review) and hosted a visit to the Peace Centre by a panel member, the venerable Karen Lund. The Foundation fully supports the review and agrees that the needs of victims should be at ‘the heart of the review.’ We look forward to the publication of the report later in the year and note that the review will look at the conduct of the media. We urge the panel to ensure that when it publishes its report that victims and survivors are fully involved in that process.

The Peace Foundation notes the call for public bodies to adopt a charter developed by the Right Reverend James Jones KBE in his recently published report into Hillsborough but urges caution. Nick Taylor, Chief Executive said: “The attack outside the Manchester Arena is still being investigated and is subject to due process such as the Coroner’s inquest. What we do know is this is a terrorist attack, being investigated under relevant protocols.

“It involved the detonation of explosive material with the deliberate action to kill and injure people. The issues of truth and justice are part of that investigation and adopting a charter that relates to a non-terrorist incident that has unearthed systematic failures and possibly illegal action should be done with caution as there are significant differences in the response and recovery following the Manchester attack.

“I will be writing to Lord Kerslake to seek clarification about this recommendation (in the Kerslake Review).”


The SAN network can support any terrorism survivor. Please contact for free and confidential advice:
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• Website survivorsassistancenetwork.org

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