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Police have declared the explosion at the Liverpool Women’s hospital a terrorist incident.  The UK terrorism victims’ support pathway is now open.  There are also many people impacted by other incidents who may feel concern or require support at this time.

If you feel that you, or someone you know, needs support following a terrorist attack, emotional and practical support is available for you.  Speak to Victim Support first by phoning free on 0808 168 9111 (24/7)

More information is available about support available for victims of terrorism. CLICK HERE

Victims Pathway

The Home Office funds four organisations as part of a victim and survivor pathway to help victims and survivors cope with, and recover from, the impact and consequences of a terrorist attack.

  • Victim Support – conducts terror incident needs assessments (TINA) for each survivor – they refer individuals on to the following services if appropriate
    • Cruse Bereavement Care – provides bereavement support and advice to those victims not currently eligible for support through the homicide service (that is, individuals who are not immediate family members)
    • South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLAM) – provides clinical mental health assessments and onward referral for those affected by terrorism
    • Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Foundation – facilitates a long-term, peer support network to help victims and survivors of terrorism support each other

Any person who received support from the Peace Foundation, may contact their caseworker support@peace-foundation.org.uk

What is known so far A taxi exploded in flames outside the Liverpool Women’s hospital on Sunday. Police later confirmed that a male passenger was declared dead at the scene.

Four people remain in custody arrested under the Terrorism Act as counter-terrorism police and MI5 continue to investigate the car explosion.  There are ongoing cordons and security activity taking place.

A taxi driver picked up a passenger at 11am on Sunday, who asked to be taken to Liverpool women’s hospital, 10 minutes away. At drop-off, an explosion occurred within the car.

The taxi driver escaped from the cab. He’s being treated for injuries he sustained and is now released from hospital.