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London| Westminster Incident On Thursday 14 August 2018 at 07:37 a car collided with cyclists and pedestrians, before crashing into barriers outside the Houses of Parliament. A man and a woman were taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries and have now both been discharged. Another man was also treated at the scene. The driver of the car, a 29-year-old man, who is a UK national, was arrested at the scene by armed police officers on suspicion of preparation of terrorism offences and is now in custody. Following the incident, the Prime Minister advised that whilst the public should remain vigilant, we ought to “carry on as normal,” a message the Security Minister echoed when he said that will continue to “go about our lives” because “we are a free and open society and we don’t want to live in a bunker, but instead somewhere that respects our values”. Praising the response of the emergency services, the Home Secretary noted “their rapid reaction,” adding that his “thoughts are with those injured”. Clarifying the nature of the Police response to the incident, Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu said: “Given that this appears to be a deliberate act, the method and this being an iconic site, we are treating is as a terrorist incident,” adding that there is “no intelligence at this time of further danger”. The full statement by Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu can be found here:http://news.met.police.uk/pressreleases/statement-from-assistant-commissioner-neil-basu-regarding-the-incident-in-westminster-2635633 If anyone experiences hostility, please:
  • Report any hate crimes to the police by calling 101 (non-emergency), 999 (emergency) or online through True Vision (www.report-it.org.uk) or alternatively to our partners, such as Tell MAMA (www.tellmamauk.org), Galop (www.galop.org.uk) and Community Security Trust (www.cst.org.uk).
  • Report any matters that give rise to increased fear or risk through your local police as above.
  • Seek to reassure worried individuals that the police and partners are monitoring and will respond robustly to any hate crimes.
If you have been affected by any incident of terrorism, you can receive free confidential help by contacting the National Survivors Assistance Network at SAN@foundation4peace.org or www.survivorsassistancenetwork.org  You can post your messages and thoughts on social media using the hashtag #WeStandTogether