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Mental Health Awareness Week, hosted by the Mental Health Foundation, takes place this week from 18-24th May 2020.

This week is poignant at this time as many people are facing up to the challenges of lock down, isolation, social distancing; and in some cases, challenges to keep a job, challenges to work in a job, illness, increased family challenges, fear and even bereavement. The theme this year is kindness.

This is a subject at the core of the work of the Peace Foundation. Our programmes whether they be with children, young people, or adults all; have a theme of kindness to oneself and kindness to others. Our clinically and trauma-informed caseworker service is about promoting resilience and an ability to cope and recover from the most difficult circumstances; and again kindness to oneself and others is often the key to unlocking coping and other capabilities to reach resilience.

You can find more information including resources (e.g. posters and social media) here: Mental Health Awareness Week 2020

During the week, our team will be sharing some of the work, ideas and tips. You can find content on our website, Twitter feed @peacefoundation on our Facebook page and our Linked In company page.

So, please join us this week in spreading some kindness and, of course, looking after yourself and being kind during these challenging times.


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