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The Northern Ireland (NI) Commissioner for Victims and Survivors has issued an urgent open letter to the Prime Minister and the NI Executive calling on them to fulfil their legal obligation to begin implementation of the Victims and Survivors payment scheme.

Pointing out the fact that potential recipients could come from throughout the United Kingdom and further afield, she made it clear that this should not be the sole fiscal responsibility of the NI Executive, however, she has demanded that they designate a Northern Ireland department to administer the scheme immediately.

“It is simply not good enough to continue to make a political football out of Victims and Survivors with an unseemly squabble over who is going to pay,” said Judith Thompson

“Political leaders claim to put Victims and Survivors first, but this situation shows that the reality is quite the opposite. People like Jennifer, Alex and Paul feel devastated and betrayed because their needs and the needs of others like them across the United Kingdom do not seem to be a priority.
“Their stories are replicated in towns and cities throughout the United Kingdom and all political representatives should be demanding that this be resolved immediately.

“The Commission and the Victims and Survivors Forum have worked tirelessly to make this happen and will continue to do so. We have to shine a light publicly on the seeming inability of our political leaders to do what they claim and finally put Victims and Survivors first.”

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Anyone requiring support in Great Britain can contact the Peace Foundation donna.craine@peace-foundation.org.uk