Combat Hate is a multimedia education resource aimed at young people aged between 13-19, exploring and encouraging dialogue about contemporary challenges facing our communities, in particular, issues related to the ‘far right’, polarisation and extremism in the UK. It draws on a number of contributions and insights, notably, those who have first had experience of having been engaged in extremist groups.

Other contributors range from young people, to survivors of extremist violence and terrorist acts, through to practitioners and academics who reflect on their experience of working to help prevent and understand extremism and promote more cohesive communities.

The film and accompanying series of workshops critically examines ideology, recruitment tactics, symbology and mobilisation, with an accompanying educational resource providing material for educators and young people to explore this in their own learning environments.

The film and its resources have become an important feature in a range of the Peace Foundations’ educational programme, and now features on our new education portal.

The Peace Foundation has now developed this important resource into classroom and curriculum friendly package, helping educators everywhere tackle this important topic with a resource that enables deep and meaningful dialogue. Find out more about how you can access the resources or to enquire about commissioning opportunities please contact us at and a member of the  team will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Find out more about accompanying educator/youth practitioner training here.