Designed to be used by teachers, external facilitators or young people themselves, Extreme Dialogue is a unique and engaging way of starting conversations about identity, difference, and prejudice. It’s cutting-edge approach and design provides young people with the tools they need to build resilience against extremism in all its forms. The free educational resources are supported by training designed for teachers.

The training guides teachers through the films and accompanying educational resources, fostering a confident approach to using the materials and the ability to train other teachers and students to use them.

Our aim is to equip teachers with absolute confidence and a means of answering difficult questions through a series of structured teaching resources.

The training enables those who have completed it, to cascade the learning to colleagues, other educators, youth workers, and even students who are interested in running peer workshops.

We’ve found that the student-led model produces excellent results, with the potential to free up teachers’ time, while equipping and enthusing students to develop a safe, collaborative approach to discussing the issues of extremism, discrimination, and marginalisation with their peers.

Schools can contact us via or via the Extreme Dialogue website:, to request training workshops and session delivery.