Families are often at the centre of issues and challenges related to conflict. Whether it be that they have all been affected by an event, or that they find themselves at conflict with one another; sometimes families need help to get them over the hurdles they face.

Our work with families spans our entire ‘For Peace’ programme: Prevention, Resolution, and Response to violence and conflict. We work with parents to help them develop the skills and confidence to hold ‘difficult conversations’ with their children. We work with families seeking refuge or asylum from conflicts around the world. We work with those impacted by acts of terrorism to help families heal in the aftermath of life-changing events.

Our work focusses on helping families holistically. We help them to understand how and why conflict exists, often reflecting on the conflicts that are and have affected them. We support them to cope and recover from trauma related to conflict and violence in a setting that can also facilitate their participation in the prevention of future violence or the resolution of conflict they have been impacted by.

Our national Survivors Assistance Network (SAN) provides support for individuals and families (living within the United Kingdom) who have been impacted by terrorism. Learn more about the support SAN offers here.

We offer courses to support parents and guardians in ‘How to hold challenging conversations with children’, particularly about current issues and topics such as conflict, violence, and extremism around the world.

Our work with families also sees us developing new programmes that aim to reduce isolation for families integrating into communities across the UK. These families may have fled conflict in countries that have experienced significant conflict or war (e.g. and including Iraq, Syria, Gaza, Afghanistan, Rwanda) and face challenges in integrating into communities. Importantly, they are survivors of political violence – but may feel a lack of solidarity and understanding that hinders their coping with and recovery from trauma. Our programmes help them to understand the impact of their trauma and develop confidence and capacity to move forward and to feel better able to live happily in their communities.