Designed to be used by educators My Former Life, a unique and versatile education package that explores the stories of four people profoundly affected by violent ideologies. The programme is aimed at developing a deeper understanding of why these individuals supported and became involved in extremism and violence. Crucially, the consequences of their actions are comprehensively explored, as are the factors which led them to abandon extremism and positively contribute to society in a more fulfilling way.

The versatility of the resource means that it can be facilitated either as a single day session, delivered by one of the Foundations’ expert facilitators, or as a course, delivered by teachers/education practitioners, spread across a term and integrated into complementary curricula such as the social sciences (sociology, psychology etc.) political education, history, religious studies and personal, social, health, emotional (PSHE or citizenship).

This unique educational resource is supported by training designed for teachers, education practitioners and others working with young people.

The training guides educators through the film and accompanying educational resource, fostering a confident approach to using the materials and the ability to train other teachers and students to use them. The training also enables those who have completed it to cascade the learning to colleagues and provides a space in which educators can come together to share best practice around integrating the resource and learning into their schools’ curricula and how to have meaningful conversations about the challenging issue of extremism with young people.

Our aim is to equip educators with enthusiasm and confidence and a means of answering difficult questions through a structured learning resource.

Schools can contact us via to request training workshops and access to our purpose-built education portal.