My Former Life is a multimedia educational resource based around a documentary film that explores and shares the personal stories of four former extremists, or ‘Formers’. The lives and stories of our subjects are paralleled, allowing the audience to draw comparison between the circumstances and even ideologies followed by people who could once have been sworn enemies.

The film and accompanying educational resource explores the reasons for which these people became involved in violent conflict, the consequences of their decisions, their reasons for leaving and disengaging with their respective groups, and finally showing how their lives have progressed since they moved on from violence. The film runs alongside a series of interactive, participatory sessions that facilitate conversations about a challenging subject matter.

As a resource, My Former Life is a catalyst for important conversations and awareness-raising around prejudice, division, and extremism. The workshops within the resource allow the participant to raise their awareness of the issues, but also of themselves. Games and exercises expose habitual responses to provocation and conflict and highlight better ways of managing things. Discussions around values help build understanding and acceptance that we can hold different world views but still co-exist.

The film and its resources have become an important feature in a range of the Foundations’ educational programme, and now features on our new education portal.

The Foundation has now developed this important resource into classroom and curriculum friendly package, helping educators everywhere tackle this important topic with a resource that enables deep and meaningful dialogue. Find out more about how you can access the training and resources or to enquire about commissioning opportunities please contact us at and a member of the  team will be in touch with you as soon as possible.