The Foundation’s work, reach, and experience in the field of conflict resolution and peace building has grown significantly in recent years. We are well placed to respond to some of the contemporary challenges facing our communities. Predominantly our engagement has been at a grass roots level, yet our strategy and approach has influenced wider practice and policy makers charged with addressing and tackling issues around cohesion and extremism.

The Foundation continues to contribute to the European Commission’s Radicalisation Awareness Network Prevent working groups, chiefly the Youth, Families and Communities working group, and is a partner in the RAN Centre for Excellence EU wide partnership. Working with a network of almost 2000 practitioners, the Foundation has been able to help shape policy and practice at International as well as at domestic levels.

In an era of unprecedented attacks taking place all over the world as well as in our own country, the Foundations’ experience of working with victims and survivors has also been key in helping provide tailored and vital services for communities and individuals affected by terrorism.

Violent extremism and the ongoing conflict in countries such as Syria and Iraq have presented major challenges for institutions, communities and governments all over the world. We recognise that our learning has relevance and resonance in these contexts so, as and when useful, we reach out across the UK and the EU to help inform practice that can safeguard our communities and build resilience in our young people.

Watch the video below to find out more about the RAN Centre of Excellence and visit their website to find out more!