Small Steps for Peace is a programme of interactive peace education for Key Stage 2 pupils. It’s designed to be delivered by teachers to class-sized groups of primary school pupils in six two-hour sessions. But it can also be adapted to suit learner needs and other teaching objectives—many of the activities have direct links to the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum Learning Outcomes for Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education (SMSC).


Small Steps will help young learners:

  • understand the causes of conflict, how it can be driven by diverse needs and wants and how it can be entrenched between in-groups of ‘us’ and out-groups of ‘them’
  • understand the impact of conflict, gaining awareness of how they and others feel in conflict situations and the consequences of violence
  • develop active listening skills
  • build emotional intelligence, recognising and regulating their own emotional responses, empathising with others, and growing their confidence and capacity to communicate
  • practice problem-solving in creative ways and in collaborative group settings.

Small Steps for Peace is a follow-on project to our Tiny Steps for Peace project. To find out more and to talk about commissioning options, contact commissions@foundation4peace.org