THINK+ is an alumni capacity building project, building upon on the THINK programme of learning. THINK+ is made up of a number of modules looking at how to develop effective messages to challenge prejudice constructively, counter extreme ideas and rhetoric, and promote alternative narratives to prejudiced, violent and extremist material offline and online. The modules develop the skills, confidence, and capacity to participate and manage these often-difficult conversations in peer groups and in both online and offline communities.

THINK+ is made up of three discreet modules:

  • THINK+ MULTIMEDIA PRODUCTION: Developing effective messages to promote alternative narratives
  • THINK+ EFFECTIVE DIALOGUE: Developing effective dialogue to promote alternative narratives
  • THINK+ ONLINE: Understanding the role of social media in developing digital dialogue and online citizenship

To find out more information about THINK+ visit www.think4peace.org or to enquire about commissioning opportunities please contact us at commissions@foundation4peace.org and a member of the team will be in touch with you as soon as possible.