THINK About It was a short campaign run in 2016 designed around an interactive assembly for young people. Following the release of the single “Think About It” by R&B Band Mr Meanor after the Paris attacks in November 2015, the band performed at 10 schools over a week-long period. The campaign saw the band interact with young people at a series of live appearances, and over social media, inspiring them to play a part in peacefully confronting challenges we face in the world today, such as conflict and violent extremism.

The song ‘Think About It’ was written as the band’s response to the horrific terror attacks that took place in Paris in November 2015. After hearing the news, they experienced an overwhelming sense of emotion and as musicians felt compelled to act in the best way they know how – by recording their thoughts in the form of a song. The lyrics aim to reflect the pain and suffering being caused by violent extremism today, but also offers a positive message about how everyone, particularly young people, can make a real difference if we bring about a change of thinking.

The campaign promoted the message that whilst conflict exists in many walks of life, there is never an excuse to resort to violence. People should always seek to resolve conflict peacefully.

The band approached the Foundation because of its shared desire to wage peace on all fronts and at every opportunity. It was a great opportunity to engage with young people in a new and exciting way! We’re always looking for innovative ways to engage young people in Peace!