Comments from Rubie Mugglestone and her mum.


 “I think it really surprised me. I never expected what I got out of it, it was one of the most amazing things I have ever done. It really inspired me, seeing the simple but effective ways people can help to change the world. We were showed perspectives we are not normally shown. We saw ex-extremists trying to turn their bad in to good, as well as people affected by extremism trying to get over experiences they have had. What also made this an even more unforgettable experience, was the way everything was explained. We played games to learn new things instead of writing things down or listening to a presentation. This really stood out to me, as I loved this way of learning.”


Rubie’s Mum:       

“I know that from our perspective we saw that she came home from it so energised and excited and that her enthusiasm was as much about how things were ‘taught’ as what they were ‘taught’. I am writing ‘taught’ like that because she knew she was learning and she was absolutely loving it but I think she felt that they learnt without being talked at and with respect for their ability to be responsible for their own learning. …. I know that she felt totally accepted there which is vital for all children and young people. Without experiences like this, young people like Rubi can easily become disengaged and sometimes disruptive but she came home enthused and inspired. Thanks so much.”