TINY STEPS FOR PEACE is a project aimed at Key Stage 1 students, based around an interactive story-telling and activity mat.

The story tells of two aliens sent on a mission from their home planet, tasked with exploring how they can resolve an ongoing conflict in their community and create peace. Unfortunately, they crash-land on Earth and bump their head! They can’t remember their names, but they do have a message for the people of earth stating they must get to the Peace Centre in Warrington to learn about Peace and return home. Students are then taken on an adventure – they must help our new friends navigate their way to the Peace Centre, meeting some fun challenges on the way!

Aimed at Tiny steps for peace life-sized interactive board game including moving peace bodsKey Stage One students (years 2 & 3) Tiny Steps for Peace enhances the socio-emotional, cognitive, and behavioural skills of the students, contributing significantly to a school’s national curriculum learning outcomes for SMSC (spiritual, moral, social and cultural) education.

Learning is developed through different experiential and participatory group activities, including role-play or theatre type activities, multi-media, and storytelling activities. We encourage learning in this way because it allows us to tune in with every child’s unique needs and skills. The curriculum is designed to encourage students to be active and engaged and learn through investigation and play and focussed discussions.


  • Enhance the emotional intelligence of young people
  • Enhance the emotional, social and relational skills of young people
  • Embed basic conflict resolution skills
  • Develop group problem-solving skills through game-play

Tiny Steps for Peace is a stepping stone for primary school children to encourage positive relationships with peers and is a  precursor to our other Primary Years project: Small Steps for Peace. To find out more and to talk about commissioning options, contact commissions@foundation4peace.org