#WeStandTogether is campaign launched following the 2017 attacks in London and Manchester as a national initiative promoting community cohesion and unity. The ultimate aim is to encourage people to come together as one and celebrate their differences in order to build a safer and stronger United Kingdom.

As part of this campaign, we partnered with the Manchester Evening News to promote the initiative across Manchester.

“All of our thoughts are with the victims, the injured and their loved ones following the recent attacks, clear acts of terrorism. The attacks targeted innocent people who lived their lives together, in Manchester children, young people and families enjoying a fun night out were targeted – it is hard to think of anything more depraved”.

“As we have seen following past atrocities, in the hours after the communities around London and Manchester have come together showing bravery and resilience to help those caught up in the incident. We can do no better than to follow the example of the emergency services, community groups, local businesses and ordinary people who went out of their way to care for fellow citizens and strangers in their time of need.”

“There are those that want to intimidate and divide us through violence and hatred, but we know that they will always fail. London and Manchester won’t allow it, this country won’t allow it, none of us will allow it. We stand together, in grief, but united and resolute”. – Nick Taylor, Chief Executive

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