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The Peace Centre, that is acting as a base for Warrington hospital key workers’ children and is providing residential beds for NHS doctors off shift, who are on the front line of fighting the coronavirus, has experienced two consecutive nights of sustained attempts at serious vandalism by unidentified young men.  The Peace Centre is appealing to the local community to act to identify the people involved and to stop the damage.

Three young men have attempted to create damage at the Peace Centre on two consecutive nights.  The attacks have been thwarted by the on-site security team but have followed a similar pattern.  The males appear to be young teenagers, who are not observing lockdown and social distancing, and are intimidating to the centre night housekeepers and security; as well as trying to break street furniture and windows.  The attempted vandalism takes place in the early hours around 03:00.

It follows a serious incident on Remembrance Sunday, November 2019, that damaged a large glass pane, which has only just been repaired.  The youths attempted to break the same panel in the latest incident.  The Peace Centre operates 24-hour security, but it has yet to clearly identify the perpetrators and has now appealed to the Warrington community to try and find the culprits and report them to the Police.

Chief Executive Nick Taylor said: “The fact that young people are on the streets during a lockdown, in the early hours, intent on trouble is worrying.

“It is also unthinkable that an iconic building set up in memory of the two boys who lost their lives to terrorism, that houses such sensitive work, and at present a facility being used as living quarters for NHS doctors on the front line of fighting Covid 19, is being subjected to this vandalism.

“Somebody in the community or their parents, or friends must know who they are, and we appeal to them to let the Police know so we can stop them.”

The centre will be operating enhanced security over the coming nights and would like to thank the Liverpool based Integrated Security Systems and Warrington Speedy Hire for for all the help they have given free of charge today to put in place new equipment and protection.

You can find out more about the Peace Foundation work in the prevention, resolution and response to violent conflict at www.peace-foundation.org.uk


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