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Greater Manchester Police confirmed today, Wednesday 17th July 2019, that following application by the Crown Prosecution Service for the extradition of a man from Libya, that he has been successfully extradited, for offences relating to the Manchester Arena attack.

Greater Manchester Police officers have arrested the man for murder, attempted murder and conspiracy to cause an explosion likely to endanger life. He will be transferred to a police custody facility in London.  After processing at the police station, he will appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court in relation to these charges.

Terrorism is a crime against individuals and a crime against society as a whole, and people affected by this attack will be feeling a range of reactions and emotions as this news is reported.  In the two years since the attack, the Peace Foundation has dealt with nearly 1,000 people affected and is appealing that everyone, including the media and those who make public comments on social media, are sensitive to their needs.  The judicial process must take place and be respected.

Nick Taylor, Peace Foundation Chief Executive said: “Many people we meet affected by this terrible event are working to cope with the consequences and to recover as best they can.  Everybody is different and the extradition today brings the horror of that night back into the public domain.

“This incident affected so many people including families, young people and children, as well as emergency responders and those working at the Arena and transport hubs.

“We should respect everybody’s needs and be there for them at this time if they wish to share their experience or allow them the space to deal with what will be another difficult period as judicial due process proceeds.  I appeal for us all to be sensitive at this time.”

Greater Manchester Police Chief Constable Ian Hopkins said: “Since the Manchester Arena attack of 22nd May 2017, our thoughts have been with the families of those who lost loved ones and the hundreds who are struggling with serious physical injuries and deep psychological effects.  They have always been central to our investigation and will continue to be so at all times.  

“I want to thank all those involved for their commitment to this investigation and the successful extradition.”

Anyone affected by this attack can receive free and confidential support and can contact SAN@peace-foundation.org.uk  or call 01925 581 240 (not 24 hours)