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The Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Foundation is looking forward to holding a graduation ceremony at Warrington’s iconic Peace Centre on Monday 8thApril, to bestow ‘peace builder’ awards to children who have completed their “Small Steps for Peace” course, devised by the Foundation. The charity has been working with four Bradford primary schools to teach conflict resolution skills and prevent extremism.

A total of 103 school children from years five and six will be visiting the centre for the ceremony, where they will be presented with graduation certificates whilst wearing caps and gowns.  Colin and Wendy Parry, founders of the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Foundation, have the pleasure of conducting the presentation, after which they will host a question and answer session on what it means to be a peace builder. The Parrys established the charity following the tragic loss of their son, Tim, aged 12, and Johnathan Ball, aged 3, in the Warrington bombing of 1993.

The Small Steps for Peace course helps young learners understand the impact of conflict and practice problem solving. Following their completion of the course, the children from Clayton Village Primary, Shirley Manor Primary Academy, St Matthews C of E Primary and Westminster C of E Primary Academy can be rightly proud of their peace builder qualifications, as they join the alumni that have already graduated from the Peace Foundation.

Colin Parry OBE, Chair of the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Foundation said:

“Peace education with young people, helping them understand the causes and consequences of violent conflict, is a vital part of our work to build a new generation of peace builders. We are delighted to welcome the children to the centre as the newest members of our alumni.”

Ciara Kinsella, Project Lead for Small Steps for Peace, said:

“Small Steps for Peace has had such a positive response from pupils and teachers, and we have thoroughly enjoyed working with the schools from Bradford. Our teachers pack includes a book, games and interactive exercises which are simple to run and understand, and are designed to help young people explain and address their feelings with confidence. Having the skills to resolve issues without resorting to violence is vital for children’s development, and Small Steps for Peace is a great foundation on their journey of understanding as they approach their teenage years and adulthood.”


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