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Terrorism Survivors stand together for peace through recovery, resilience and readiness

The Embassy of the United States of America Deputy Chief of Mission Lewis Lukens, in partnership with the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Foundation, Warrington United Kingdom, and One World Strong Foundation, Boston United States, will (Friday 6th July 2018) host a dialogue between victims and survivors affected by global terrorism incidents to consider how they can stand together for peace through a process of recovery, resilience and readiness.

The dialogue brings together thirty people affected by global incidents including attacks in Boston, Paris, London 2017, Quebec, Manchester and the Northern Ireland conflict. It takes place the day before the 13th anniversary of the London 7/7 attack and many people affected by that incident joined the debate. Lewis Lewkins, Deputy Chief of Mission Embassy of the United States of America will host the event at his Wychwood House residence in London.

The session welcomes guests from the United States, Canada and France including Dave Fortier, a survivor of the Boston bombing who now leads the One Strong Foundation, a peer-to-peer support group working globally to help survivors of terrorism recover.

The Peace Foundation, operators of the UK national Survivors Assistance Network will co-facilitate the session supported by Victim Support, the charity who operate the National Homicide Service and support victims of terrorism and other crimes through their national and local service network. Survivors of terrorism, through their shared experience, often express a desire to ensure that other people don’t go through what they have, and want to become active in supporting others similarly affected, and to advocate to prevent further acts of terrorism.

The group will consider issues that enable survivors of terrorism to build strong processes to help people cope and recover and create the resilience to challenge violent extremism.

Nick Taylor, Chief Executive of the Peace Foundation said: “the charity I lead was set up by terrorism victims for terrorism victims.

“Our founders did not believe they got the necessary support in the days after they lost their son, but wanted more than that, they wanted to move from being seen as victims to being survivors to eventually ‘activists’ who could bring about a change to stop extreme violence such as terrorism.

“This is a shared ambition of many people affected by terrorism and this dialogue furthers that aim.”

The dialogue will focus on preparing to engage a wider number of victims and survivors to attend a conference to be held at the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Centre, Warrington, United Kingdom, to be held on the United Nations International Day of Peace, 21st September 2018.

The event will use the outcomes of the Wychwood House dialogue to prepare an agenda and identify contributors. Conference details and how to attend will be published in August 2018 at found4peace.wpengine.com or follow @peacecentre

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Terrorism Survivors stand together for peace through recovery, resilience and readiness