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Relatives of terror victims speak out in #WeStandTogether campaign film

Family members of Jo Cox MP, David Haines, Lee Rigby and Tim Parry come together to film messages of unity in defiance against terror.

The powerful and emotional film is part of the #WeStandTogether campaign by The Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace

In response to the attacks in Manchester and London, family members of loved ones who have lost their lives to extremism and terrorism have come together for the first time to film a direct response to those who look to spread hatred and division.

The film features relatives of British victims of terror: Mike Haines, brother of David Haines murdered by Daesh; Lyn Rigby, mother of Lee Rigby murdered by Islamist terrorists; Brendan Cox, widower of Jo Cox MP murdered by a far-right terrorist; Colin Parry, father of Tim Parry murdered by the IRA.

Under the #WeStandTogether banner they wanted to make it clear that families of victims of terrorism will not let their loved ones be used to justify extremist narratives, and that the best response to terrorism is for communities to remain strong and united.

This film is being put out on behalf ofThe Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace as part of its #WeStandTogether campaign in response to the recent wave of terrorist attacks. The Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation For Peace is a specialist provider based in Warrington, the town bombed by IRA in 1993, working with victims and survivors of all forms of terrorism.

Each of the survivors speaks about their personal, individual choices to break the cycle of violence by publicly denouncing attempts by the far right and others to exploit their loss and grief.

In the film, Brendan Cox speaks directly to those who seek to exploit murder to sow further division by saying:

“Don’t you dare use our grief to peddle your hatred.”

Mike Haines reminds us to be aware of the effects of hate:

“Terrorists want us to carry on the hatred.”

Our co-founder, Colin Parry, calls for an end to the cycle of violence by saying that:

“Action gets a reaction and it perpetuates the problem.”

Lyn Rigby boldly states that:

“We stand together to show them we’re not afraid.”

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Notes – Relatives

London Bridge and Borough Market attack – assistance and support
Following the London Bridge and Borough Market attack on Saturday 3rd June 2017, the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace is issuing the following guidance for those affected.

London Bridge – Borough Market – Urgent advice and assistance

Urgent assistance and information can be gained from @metpoliceuk

Metropolitan Police Casualty Bureau
0800 096 1233
020 7158 0197
If you are a foreign national in the UK

Foreign nationals in the UK affected by this incident may wish to contact their embassy, high commission or consulate, which may also be able to provide information or assistance.

Report anything suspicious to the Anti-Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789 321 or online. In an emergency, call 999.

Support for London Bridge and Borough Market victims, survivors and those affected including witnesses

Physical injuries – The NHS has a range of facilities available and patients should go to the most appropriate facility for the injury.

Victim Support

Victim Support is currently operating the Support Line offering emotional and practical support for anyone affected by the attack.

The number is 08 08 168 91 11 and is free to call (open 24 hours).

Victim Support is a national independent charity that provides emotional and practical support for anyone affected by the attack: You may have been directly involved, witnessed it, or you feel impacted by the event. Support can be offered by phone, face to face or through information online.


Survivors Assistance Network (SAN)

The Survivors Assistance Network (SAN) provides free practical and emotional support to people affected by a terrorist incident.

If you have been affected by an act of terror, as a witness, or losing a loved one, or having sustained injuries, SAN can help.

Survivors Assistance Network
Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Centre,
Peace Drive
Email – SAN@Foundation4peace.org
Phone – 01925 581240
Twitter – @survivors4p