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Have your say | How are terrorism survivors being supported

Survivors Against Terror is a network of family members who have lost a loved one to terror and survivors of terror attacks.

Their mission is to help our country tackle terrorism more effectively and ensure victims and their families get the support they deserve.  The group want to get a better picture of how survivors are being supported, what gaps exist and what is working well.

They would like anyone affected by terrorism to complete a short survey.

Complete the survey – click here  – It will take five minutes to complete.

This confidential survey will be the first national survey of survivors of terror attacks and we would ask only people who have been bereaved, injured or witnessed a terror attack first hand to fill it in.

The reason it’s so critical is that at the moment SAT doesn’t have a full picture of what is working and what isn’t. They know there are gaps from our their own personal experiences, but don’t know if other people have the same experience.

This survey will be a powerful tool to spot what is and isn’t working and then push to fix what is broken.

So please take five minutes to fill out this survey CLICK HERE