Community Action for Peace

What is it?

We work with commissioners, partner organisations and members of the public to identify and explore local issues around cohesion and integration. Using our key skills of dialogue and facilitation, we build on and complement existing strengths and resources, contributing to the development of strong and resilient local communities.

We directly respond to and address ‘live’ issues which could create tensions, disputes and divisions – or which are already causing such problems. Examples of such issues could be community tensions and divisions highlighted by local incidents including crime; gang culture; the need to build confidence in the democratic process; expressions of extremism and segregation; problems in race relations and community dynamics.

Who’s it for?

Community Action for Peace can be commissioned by government departments, local councils, Mayoral teams, Police and Crime Commissioners, housing associations, religious organisations, charitable trusts and other funding bodies. It can be run at regional, city, borough or neighbourhood level.

We work in liaison with local agencies who have an interest in the issues being addressed, and directly engage and involve professionals from different agencies and businesses, members of voluntary, community and faith sector organisations, community leaders, political representatives, residents and young people as appropriate.

How does it work?

Community Action for Peace is a bespoke combination of inputs to address identified local needs:

  • Direct interventions intended to help manage and, if possible, resolve current issues
  • Short research reports exploring key local issues, and evaluation reports on work carried out
  • Training courses on conflict awareness and conflict resolution to build capacity and develop awareness, confidence and skills
  • Developing a local network of professionals and residents who can continue to make a positive and proactive contribution for peace in the local area

The work proceeds through a four-stage process developed by the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Foundation: ENGAGE; EXPLORE; EMPOWER and EVALUATE.

Activities include:

  • Relationship building
  • Creative problem-solving
  • Facilitation and mediation to address disputes and conflicts
  • Training courses and sessions
  • Dialogue events and community workshops
  • Establishing agreements and ways forward

Contact us to find out more

If you’re interested and want to commission the Peace Foundation to work with you using our Community Action for Peace approach, please email us: or phone: 01925 581231.

The Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Foundation is a charity which was set up by the parents of the boys who were tragically killed in the IRA bombing of Warrington in 1993.