Covid-19: Working safely with the Peace Foundation

The Peace Foundation wants you to feel safe, confident, and reassured when you visit the Peace Centre or when
our team works at your location. We are introducing several new measures to protect you and our team.

Our commitments to you

We adopt best practice in line with the latest guidelines from HM Government, the World Health Organisation, UNESCO, and our regulators and commissioners. We reserve the right to adopt additional practice steps that we deem to be necessary, proportionate, and safe.

Visitors to the Peace Centre will experience a high level of bio-secure measures to balance safety without
compromising the warm and friendly welcome people expect when they visit our building and grounds.

Our refreshed approach to practice will adopt a ‘blended curriculum’ utilising remote learning and contact as appropriate based on need and risk. When we visit you or work at remote locations, we will adopt any local or organisation working practices as well as adopting the measures set out in this leaflet.

The Peace Centre

The Peace Centre, during the crisis lockdown is designated an NHS support facility and has
adopted regulated protocols. This has given us a unique view of what is needed to operate our building to the highest standards and in implementing bio secure control (copies of our policy are available for review upon request).

Our site is multi-purpose and areas will be designated as ‘red’ or ‘green’ zones. Red zones are not in general
use. Green zones are open for access within operating protocols that ensure we can ensure safety.

Building signage is adapted to establish safe access and egress to the site and to ensure a distanced flow around the building and grounds.

All our site booking hosts receive a safety induction to ensure they fully understand the measures in place on the site to protect them and others; guidance signage will  be clearly displayed at entrances, in sensitive areas such as our bath rooms and in any shared spaces.

Our housekeepers clean and disinfect regularly touched objects and surfaces more often than usual during this period and use appropriate cleaning products – we will ‘deep clean’ if necessary.

The Peace Centre has measures in place to enable anyone on site to abide by social distancing guidance.

Our catering is rated as five stars for food hygiene which reflects the excellent standards we maintain on
our premises. We are taking additional precautions during this time.

We offer clean welfare facilities and hand washing points and sanitisers across the site, most bathrooms use
push button taps, are well stocked with soap and paper hand towels.

We will supervise young children to ensure they wash their hands for 20 seconds, more often than usual, with
soap and water or hand sanitiser and catch coughs and sneezes in tissues.

This practice will be mandatory and encouraged by all.

Our team may wear personal protective equipment (PPE) if appropriate.

A blended curriculum – an approach to distanced, and locational bio-secure practice

Our team will be making adaptations to all programmes and services. We will agree with commissioners, all stakeholders, and our beneficiaries the best approach in every case, but as a minimum:

Before we deliver a programme or service, or visit any location, we will work with you to ensure we understand your needs and requirements. We will agree the most appropriate method of delivery or meeting.

Our team will work remotely to minimise risk and have access to technology such as our bespoke educational portal, Microsoft Office 365 suite of applications, ‘Zoom’ education package including webinar software. We will provide
studio-ready capability for any programme delivery.

When we visit and deliver our programmes, we adopt distancing and a high degree of hygiene.

Any equipment we use will be appropriately cleaned before and after use, we will not use hard copy materials, we will wear the appropriate level of PPE, but more than this…PPE can be daunting forour clients and so we will work to reassure and build discussion and description of precautions into our programme delivery.

Pedagogical and learning changes will be made to our programmes to reflect the ‘new normal’ and bio security will be an integrated part of our learning and practice rather than an add on. We are fortunate to partner with the likes of UNESCO who have adopted and learnt from previous viruses in the global south and we are learning from their experience.

To find out more

You can contact us for more information at any time by e-mail – our building manager, event manager or programme manager as appropriate will answer any questions you may have.

The Peace Foundation is working to create a safer world for all of us and if you do not feel we have met the commitments set out here, let us know so we can rectify the situation.

Let’s stay safe together!

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