Taking the Temperature...A partnership project with the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Foundation

A lot has happened in local communities during ‘lockdown’. There are many positive examples of people helping each other, and taking care to protect themselves and their neighbours.

There have also been issues and problems, with different people responding to government guidance in different ways, or not following rules. There have been rumours and misinformation.

Some people have felt isolated and anxious – and taking steps out of lockdown may exacerbate these feelings and issues.

Let’s work together As part of our Community Action for Peace work, the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Foundation can work with councils, housing associations, Police and Crime Commissioners and other organisations to make sure that communities are supported as we come out of lockdown.

We are offering to run a short ‘task and finish’ project to take the temperature in local communities, and inform ongoing work by local agencies.

How does it work?

Taking soundings: Peace Foundation facilitators talk to a range of people working and living in the local community to identify the issues.

Research and linkages: we will carry out some desk-based research, collating relevant data and connecting issues in your area to wider trends and policy discussions.

Workshop: our half day workshop (run virtually or in a biosecure and safe format) is a chance for agencies to consider our findings and collaborate on identifying key steps to take over the coming weeks and months.

Report: we will provide a written report, bringing together our research findings and the workshop write-up, as a resource for your future work.

What we bring

• Extra capacity
• A ‘fresh pair of eyes’
• Our facilitators are trained and experienced in tension monitoring and ‘conflict mapping’
• ‘Taking the temperature’ is informed by our ‘Community Action for Peace’ methodology
• Direct experience of work in response to Covid-19. From the beginning of the emergency, our Warrington Peace Centre has been contracted as a NHS Care Centre, providing accommodation, child care and other support to NHS acute hospital doctors and children of NHS hospital workers

Contact us to find out more If you’re interested and want to commission the Peace Foundation to work with you in ‘taking the temperature’, please email our communities programme lead: mike.waite@peace-foundation.org.uk or phone us on 07494 308849.

The Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Foundation is a charity which was set up by the parents of the boys who were tragically killed in the IRA bombing of Warrington in 1993.