Have you or someone you know been affected by an act of terrorism at home or abroad?

Do you struggle to find people who understand what you have been through?

The victims of terrorism support, managed by the Peace Foundation, provides free practical and emotional support to individuals and families affected by a terrorist incident.

Peace Foundation peer-to-peer support network – how it works

This service is free and confidential and available to all people in the United Kingdom who have experienced terrorism at home or abroad as a direct victim, survivor, or direct witness, or within immediate family or friendship group.

It offers access to a network managed by the Peace Foundation and a series of events and specialised interventions that bring together people with shared experiences to support each other.

The support looks at what people who have experienced terrorism have in common, allow access to others who may have been through similar circumstances and aims to assist people to cope and, where possible recover.

The facilitation team ‘triage’ all people referred and follow ‘do no harm’ practice.  At the initial engagement we will agree an individual needs plan.

People are invited to meet in person/online and any extended impacts (e.g. a child will be seen with parents, other family members or) will be explored.

A ‘keep in touch’ (communication – type and frequency) agreement, setting all parameters of contact, will form part of the individual needs plan.

The service includes:

  • Access to one to one and other facilitated discussions about topics or difficulties, a befriending service, all facilitated by the Peace Foundation
  • Group activities together from subject level discussions to active events bringing people together (self-help or support group)
  • Access online to a curated private social media network and community and backed with ‘chat’ facility to a professional along with a dedicated support portal
  • Regular updates such as newsletters and, alongside key events (anniversaries, new incidents etc.) access to emails, phone calls or text message alerts.
  • Some keynote calendar events (webinars or seminars) delivered by our professional partners that look at:
  1. Legal aspects impacting terrorism victims (partner – Browne Jacobson LLP)
  2. PR, media, and communications (partner – No Brainer PR)
  3. Forming an In-Memoriam cause or entity e.g. charity, social enterprise (partner – The Fundraising Agency)
  4. Health and Well Being (partner – Nikki Lester Consultancy)
  5. Working to counter terrorism (The Peace Foundation alumni and facilitators)
  6. Families Living with Trauma (partner – Nikki Lester Consultancy)

In addition, our professional partners offer several ‘experts’ one to one sessions for those people seeking more in-depth peer to peer support.

Northern Ireland Troubles

The Peace Foundation employs a Health & Wellbeing Caseworker who can assist victims of this conflict, domiciled in Great Britain, to access services, information, and support to improve their health and wellbeing. They have experience of working with victims and survivors and understand that needs can be complex and can change over time.  Our Health & Wellbeing Caseworker will discuss needs and help access services and support to meet those needs. These can range from befriending to welfare advice, education and training support, disability aids, and psychological therapies. We can also help engage with community and voluntary services in an area, and with statutory services too.

This service also offers access to ‘advocacy’ support from a Northern Ireland partner and works closely with the Peace Foundation peer to peer service.

The Aims

  • The primary aim is to help people cope and, where possible, recover
  • The secondary aim is to help people connect with others who have similar shared experiences; and to understand their own experience within a context that introduces ideas and approaches that others have found helpful, and reassures them they are not alone in how they are feeling

Peer to peer support is undertaken alongside other interventions that are offered with our partners Victim Support, Cruse Bereavement Care and the South London and Maudsley NHS Trust.

We are here to help – get in touch with us by email: support@peace-foundation.org.uk, or phone: 01925 581240