8/09/2020 - Published by

It has been an emotional day at the Peace Centre as parents and the team from the Warrington and Halton NHS Hospitals Trust came together to see the children of hospital staff who have been cared for at the Peace Centre during the pandemic emergency period graduate.

In March, with the closure of schools and nurseries, the Peace Centre closed to the public and was reassigned to support the local hospitals by providing care for the employee’s children and residential accommodation for front line medical doctors.  Next week the Peace Centre will start the conversion back to normal operations.

The care was provided in partnership with the Warrington Youth Club and has been a great success.  It was a day of mixed emotions as the children ‘graduated’ from their six month experience and prepare to return to their nurseries, schools, and normal childcare support.

Each child was given a certificate and the care team gave a talk about each child’s development and how their personalities had changed over the six months.

The Warrington Youth Club showed five film presentations showing how the children have enjoyed themselves and some of their activities.  For example, their weekly visits to the Children’s Adventure Farm.

54 children attended the graduation, accompanied by their parents and families at the specially socially distanced event.

The Peace Foundation puts on record its thanks to the Peace Centre partners, the Warrington Youth Club, and all their team for the incredible care work they have done.  We also thank the Warrington and Halton NHS Teaching Hospitals Trust for all their support.

The Peace Foundation also thanks its wonderful team led by Karen and including Steve, Anne, Sandra and Sharon and all our housekeeping and security team.