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Long-term sustainable recovery needed after terrorist incidents.

A lead organisation that provides support to the survivors of terrorism, is calling for a long-term sustainable approach to recovery following the publication of the independent Lord Kerslake review into the response to the Manchester attack in May 2017.

The Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Foundation operates the national Survivors Assistance Network, a free and confidential clinically informed service, available to any person resident in Great Britain, or British people abroad, who may be affected by acts of terrorism.

The Peace Foundation has handled over 750 individual referrals, including members of nearly 400 families, since the Manchester attack on 22nd May 2017.  The Foundation is also dealing with people affected by other 2017 incidents in Barcelona and London Westminster Bridge, Borough Market and Parsons Green.

The Peace Foundation founded 23 years ago, bases its practice on learning from ‘the troubles’ conflict on our islands, as well as best practice learning from across the world.  It offers bereaved families, those injured and witnesses a clinically advised health and well-being approach combined with specialist advice in social and welfare matters.  Every person receives a personal care plan and access to a caseworker as part of a free and confidential service. The service includes specialist events at the Peace Centre and access to private social media enabling survivors of terrorism to cope and recover after such tragic events.

The Peace Foundation gave evidence to the independent panel and has welcomed the review report.  It believes that such reviews should be mandatory after all events of this magnitude and that the findings should be looked at by Government and local authorities across the country.  Today, we call for:

The Emergency Response and Recovery non-statutory guidance accompanying the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 should be enhanced to provide guidance on medium to long-term recovery as well as immediate response and that all 2017 terrorist incidents should be subjected to a similar review to the one undertaken by Lord Kerslake.

That terrorism is viewed not as a local or regional geographical crime and is, in fact, a crime of circumstance and one not just against individuals, but against society as a whole, and that the Counter-Terrorism Strategy (Prepare workstream) should recognise the vital role that the support of victims and survivors plays in building resilience and helping them and society cope and recover.

The Peace Foundation calls for a national review into the management of emergency funds and appeals and the roles of NGOs and financing of such civil society organisations, and proposes that there should be the establishment of a ‘domestic’ Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC)  to respond to the generosity of people at times of major terrorist attack to ensure equity of treatment for all those affected, whatever the incident and wherever it happens.

The Peace Foundation commends the amazing response of the people of Manchester, and beyond in the many communities affected across the geographic north, the emergency responders, health service, community organisations, businesses and many others who responded and continue to do so.

In particular, it pays tribute to the Mayor of Manchester Andy Burnham and the Greater Manchester Combined Authorities, their contingency and resilience planning teams.  It commends the incredible leadership by the politicians and officers of Manchester City Council who led and continue to lead from the front demonstrating why Manchester is one of the world’s most resilient cities.

It places on record its thanks to Greater Manchester Police, particularly the family liaison officers.  The Foundation recognises in excess of thirty other authority areas affected by this event, the education sector and the amazing teachers on the frontline, the Manchester Evening News for helping everyone to ‘stand together.’  We pay tribute to the city commercial sector and reserve special mention for SMG Europe, operators of the arena, their security contractor Showsec, and all their teams, who faced the most horrific circumstances.

We remember those who lost their lives, those injured, and those affected and we continue to help the many of you who, nearly a year on, live with the consequences of an act of unspeakable violence.

Nick Taylor, Chief Executive, welcomed the report: “the attack on Manchester was horrific and everybody that responded did so to deal with a humanitarian crisis on an unprecedented scale.

“The establishment of this review is welcome and should be standard practice after any such events.  This is a 200-page report with many findings, and Lord Kerslake and his team have produced a valuable document and put the survivors first.

“It must have been a very difficult report to research and write and I pay tribute to them.  We must now read, digest and act upon the findings.

“Most of all we must commit, as a civil society, to prevent all forms of violent extremism.  We must educate our children in peace, recognise and sustain acts of kindness and celebrate diversity and challenge hate.  We Stand Together.”


Click here to read the Kerslake Arena Review

HAVE YOU BEEN AFFECTED BY AN ACT OF TERRORISM?  The Survivors Assistance Network (SAN) provides free practical and emotional support to people affected by a terrorist incident.

If you have been affected by an act of terror, as a witness, or losing a loved one, or having sustained injuries, SAN can help.

Here at SAN, we understand that what you have experienced may have changed your life forever and we can support you to make the transition from victim to survivor.


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