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Updated 19th June 2020

During the ‘crisis’ period, the Peace Foundation will operate as follows:

The Peace Foundation will continue to support victims of violent conflict (war and terrorism) through ‘remote contact’ and our caseworkers and clinical professionals will continue to offer all support.  Anyone needing support should contact SAN@peace-foundation.org.uk

The Peace Foundation will offer health and well-being support services to victims of the Northern Ireland Troubles domiciled in Great Britain, and in addition will administer an enhanced Covid 19 welfare support package to certain victims in parity with provision being made available in Northern Ireland.

The programmes offered in counter terrorism safeguarding (PREVENT), counter extremism and community cohesion are suspended as we are unable to access key education and community locations.  Our community work will restart from July 2020.  All employees working on these programmes, along with our support colleagues, have been designated as ‘furloughed workers’ and are not working at present.

The Peace Centre in Warrington is closed to the public.  The Peace Foundation HQ, the Warrington Youth Club and the NSPCC Service Centre are closed.  The Peace Centre is contracted as an NHS Care Centre and only designated ‘key worker’ Peace Centre and authorised partner employees will enter the building during this period under strict infection control protocols.  Our guests, which include the NHS acute hospital doctors, and children of NHS hospital workers, will be welcomed as part of the new operating procedure.  This service will continue until September 2020.

The continued operation of the Peace Foundation at this time has been made possible by the generosity of the Steve Morgan Foundation, the Rank Foundation, commissioning by the Northern Ireland Victims and Survivors Service and the Warrington and Halton NHS  Hospitals Trust, and by an application for support to the Government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.

We will continue to review and update our beneficiaries on a regular basis. www.peace-foundation.org.uk

Our bio secure policy and practice is now published and can be read here.