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Tim – an extraordinary legacy #ForPeace

‘If my son becomes a symbol #ForPeace and gives everyone a new sense of hope after so much tragedy, then that will be Tim’s unique achievement’ – Colin Parry 1993

Saturday 1st September is Tim Parry’s birthday.

When Tim fought for his life after the IRA bombing of Warrington in March 1993, he touched the hearts of millions.  His parents, Colin and Wendy Parry faced up to this most private grief whilst being in the public gaze, and turned despair into hope as they began 25 years of work #ForPeace

Their extraordinary determination, the actions they and others took in 1993 and the story of the 25-year legacy that they have created in Tim’s name and that of three-year-old Johnathan Ball and is about to touch the hearts of millions again, as the BBC and RTE in Ireland screen Mother’s Day – the story of the Warrington bombing.

On 1st September 1994, what would have been Tim’s 14th birthday, the IRA declared a ceasefire and within weeks many other organisations started to withdraw from violent conflict on our islands.  In 1998, twenty years ago, the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement was signed that has brought about peace – a peace that remains challenged – but sees the majority of people working to deal with the legacy of the past and shape a future without violence.

Tim and Johnathan were not the only children killed as a result of ‘the Troubles’ on our islands and, as is explored in the BBC drama, every victim was the child of someone.  The work #ForPeace continues and on Tim’s birthday, we are asking you to get involved.

Mother’s Day

The Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Foundation, our Founders, Colin and Wendy, the Parry family alongside the McHugh family in Ireland, have worked with BBC Drama to create a remarkable film that will be screened across the United Kingdom and Ireland to coincide with Tim’s birthday.

Mother’s Day will broadcast in Ireland on Sunday 2nd September 21:30 on RTE 1 and in the UK on Monday 3rd September 21:00 on BBC2.  It will be available on RTE Player and BBC iPlayer.  Click here to visit the BBC Mother’s Day webpage

We want everyone to watch the drama and gain an understanding of a conflict that affected, and continues to affect many people.

The drama explores many issues – it continues our call #ForPeace and we hope will prompt many people to want to take action to join and support us.

Tim – An Ordinary Boy | the book

Help support the Peace Foundation’s work to prevent violent extremism and look after victims and survivors of terrorism by buying and reading the poignant and inspiring memoir that accompanies the content of the programme.

Click this link to buy the book Tim – an ordinary boy

(PLEASE NOTE – a minimum donation of £10 is required to cover the cost of the book and UK postage and packaging.  International postage may require a slightly larger donation – please note the ‘additional notes’ box with how many books you would like)

Help support the Peace Foundation through a donation

Tim and Johnathan’s legacy is achieved through a Peace Foundation set up in the boys’ names.  The Peace Foundation operates the Peace Centre in Warrington and campaigns #ForPeace.

The threat of terrorism and the consequences of violent extremism in our society are challenging.  Since 2017, the Foundation has taken on the support of an additional 800 people (350 families) who have been affected by recent attacks.  We have also increased our work in primary and secondary schools to help our children and young people develop the skills to prevent violent extremism and violence.  We also work in communities who are challenged by conflict and violence.

The work needs support and funding and we need to appeal to the generosity of everyone to keep the work going.  PLEASE SUPPORT US by offering a donation that will help us continue our work #ForPeace – DONATE by clicking here

Survivors for Peace | an international Peace Day event

Many people who watch Mother’s Day will have been affected by terrorism and may feel inspired by the stories of Wendy Parry and Susan McHugh and want to get involved.  On International Peace Day this year (Friday 21st September), we are hosting an event to bring those affected by terrorism to come together to take forward Susan’s call that ‘enough is enough’ and our work #ForPeace.  Tickets are free and available now.  For event details and ticket, reservations click here

We Stand Together #ForPeace

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