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Tiny Steps for Peace is currently being piloted in local schools, in preparation for it’s official launch this September, at which time it will be available to Primary Schools.

The programme is the brain child of one of our Lead Facilitators Ciara Kinsella (The Team).  Who has worked extremely hard over the last 6 months or so, creating and tailoring the programme to enable the desired learning outcomes.

Tiny Steps for Peace is aimed at Key Stage 1 primary school children and takes a holistic and experimental approach to learning, using an interactive, life-sized board game. During which the children will see our Peace Bods being taken on a journey of understanding peace and conflict resolution.  This holistic educational approach is based on the idea that children can be taught in a more engaging way.

tiny steps life-sized game set up ready for the first pilot

The main aims of the programme are to enhance emotional intelligence, embed basic conflict resolution skills and to explore the sense of playing a game and the feelings associated with wanting to achieve the next stage whilst reflecting on the feelings of others throughout the game.

So far it has been very well received by the children and staff Evelyn Street Primary School and Sankey Valley St James Primary School.  A huge thank you to our sponsor Golden Square Shopping Centre, 3lgprint & the ideas department for the design & production and also Warrington Bourough Council for also supporting this new programme.  Read more about Tiny Steps for Peace and see how your school can get involved.

Pupils naming the peace bods at the start of their journey to the peace gate awaiting them at the end of the tiny steps for peace game