25/03/2021 - Published by

We’re taking this time to look into the lasting impact of our work so we can learn how best to preserve this unique achievement and legacy.

The Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Foundation has been working for over twenty-five years to resolve conflict and build peace. This month we’ll be marking twenty-eight years since the Warrington bombing.

We need your help.

We’re asking people who’ve participated in any of programmes over the years to share their reflections on them in a short survey – what was most valuable, what didn’t work, what skills or learning do you still use, and what you’d like to see us working on.

We’re interested in the views of people who directly participated in any of our programmes, but also the observations and thoughts of those who worked with them, such as teachers and youth workers.

We’d be grateful if you could fill in this survey. It’s all anonymous.

We’re also keen to have a short chat with people who we’ve worked with. This would be recorded for research purposes, but it would be confidential and we’d anonymise or remove any personal details.

If you’re interested in speaking with us please reply to commissions@peace-foundation.org.uk

We really appreciate you taking the time to reflect and share your perspectives with us.